ESOP Funding

Construction Company – 100% ESOP, with C-Suite staying on to manage the company

Goals of Company Owner:

  • Robert, a 65-year-old owner of a construction company in Arkansas, wants to retire and totally cash out. Due to the fluctuations in the economy, and the types of contracts he deals with, he has a hard time selling his firm for the price he wants.
  • The managers want to buy the firm, but they don’t have the capital.

Prior Action:

  • Robert pursued an opportunity with a mid-size private equity firm.
  • After a signed LOI, the deal price was renegotiated
  • The deal never happened


  • Robert sells 100% of the firm to an ESOP trust owned by his employees (See Video – What is an ESOP)
  • Robert defers tax on the sale of the company (tax deferred indefinitely)
    • With tax breaks, Robert receives more money than he would have with the original private equity deal
  • The ESOP trust borrows a portion of the money from a bank and pays Robert
    • Neither Robert nor the employees have to guarantee this loan
  • Robert takes back seller notes for the remainder of the money (To understand more about warrants, go to the Blog)
    • Robert will receive interest plus he will receive warrants to buy back a portion of the company
    • These warrants have a value, and will be sold to the Management Team
  • The company becomes a tax-free business
  • The C-Suite team manages the company, while the ESOP Trust has control of the Board of Directors
  • Employees are more personally invested in the company as beneficiaries of the ESOP trust, gain a huge retirement benefit and therefore work harder (as demonstrated in these Harvard studies)
  • The management team of the company receives the ability, through the warrants, to buy back 25% of the company at a future date at a very good price.
  • Debt can be paid back twice as fast as non-ESOP companies because the company is not paying taxes

Depreciation recapture is a problem when selling a construction firm. ESOP solves that issue.

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